Why T-Mobile

What a great question! It’s a question I asked myself. Fortunately I was privy to a Solavei conference call on August 15, 2012. James Leonhardt (one of the founding Solavei 12) was our guest and was able to answer that question for us. Here’s a summation of his response:

* The Verizon Network does not use Sim cards and that lets them out.

* The AT&T Network is crowded and carries over 6 million iPhones.

* AT&T is in lockdown because they have so many iPhones on their network that they can’t change and can’t expand their bandwidth.

T-Mobile on the other hand does have some nationwide coverage holes. I know that from living here in Texas. But here’s what they’re doing about it:

 * T-Mobile is investing billions over the next 12 months to fill the 4G gaps they have.

 * T-Mobile intends on becoming the largest 4G cell phone provider in 2013.

 * T-Mobile in addition to 4G has WiFi calling and texting.

Solavei chose to align themselves with T-mobile because that’s where the future is. All phones on the Solavei Network will use Sim cards and have No Contracts. Here’s some additional pluses about T-Mobile:

* The initial cell phone platform is Android which lots of people have changed to, but in January of 2013 Solavei will also accept the iPhone platform phones.

* Solavei is already working on a Family Plan that will maintain the integrity of the basic $49 plan.

That is the essence of  the August 15th telecon.  I believe its important to share these facts with you.

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This is all about unlimited talk text and web for one low price and no contract.

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